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A home foundation is often overlooked until a serious problem occurs. But, like any problem, foundation issues tend to get more costly when ignored. Why not have a Uretek professional stop by to ease your mind…

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Past Projects

See how URETEK solves challenging geotechnical and structural problems.

Residential Services

Foundation problems with your home can be a nightmare.  If left unattended, repair costs rise and home values decrease.  Take control now.       Why URETEK for...

Commercial Services

A structural problem with your facility effects property asset value, raises the risk of liability issues, and jeopardizes the lease agreement with the tenant. Quick, clean,...

Industrial Services

Why URETEK for Industrial Concrete Lifting? Increase and maintain asset value Little to no down time for operations Reduce liability and losses Eco-Friendly procedure No...

Ferry Terminal Seawall Stabilization

A portion of the Cape Hatteras Ferry Terminal’s seawall was in serious need of repair.  The seawall needed a solution to prevent further damage and ensure safety to the area. THE CUSTOMER Hatteras, North Carolina is home to the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, boasting over 50 miles of beautiful shoreline.  While the year-round population is about [… ...

A Deeper Look: How URETEK Can Strengthen the Allowable Bearing Capacity of Soils

Increasing the Allowable Bearing Capacity for Foundations Constructed on Granular Soils Using URETEK Deep Injection™ by Rex Klentzman, P.E.  Allowable Bearing Capacity is the load a soil is capable of carrying without a shear failure and with the resulting settlements being tolerable for the built structure. In order to understand Bearing Capacity it is ne ...

Putting Out A Fire

A busy New York City Firehouse faced cracking and settling foundation in their engine’s apparatus bays. Previous repair methods proved to be unsuccessful- they needed some help for putting out this fire, and fast! The FDNY serves the five boroughs of New York City and includes 255 fire stations. Each fire station’s differences are related […]


High Octane Solution Solves Raceway Dips
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